Blusher Seduction Spirit

Blusher Seduction was founded on the premise that an increasing number of men and women find it extremely difficult to express their full potential and seduce someone they find attractive. Hence they tend tou doubt themselves and rely on old habits, if not blind luck, to achieve fulfillment in their love life. This sends a lot of people's self-esteem spiraling down.  

While a growing proportion of the population turns to intermediated dating and spends considerable amounts of time looking for love online. We believe that real-life encounters remain the most pleasant, genuine and rewarding.

Therefore, we specialize in helping both men and women untangle the web of doubts and confusion that inhibits them. At every session, my job is to help them overcome their limiting beliefs and boost their self-esteem. Ultimately, it is YOUR qualities and YOUR motivation that will lead you to the succesful love-life you know you deserve.

No screen, no internet connection: it's just you walking over to an attractive stranger and connecting.

Blusher Seduction was founded in 2008 and the effort to deliver the best possible coaching service has been consistent. Our personalized workshops and  rigorously crafted master-classes and seminars will help you develop your social and dating skills in an unprecedented way. Unlike many alleged coaches in the field of dating and seduction, Jean-Baptiste made a point in getting the right amount of education and training to reach the highest standards of ethics and efficiency. 


You too, can now attract, seduce and connect with the one(s) you have been waiting to meet.


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*According to a recent study, nearly 50% of Europeans are engaged in Online Dating. ComScore World Metrix, the leader in global digital media measurement, released an analysis of usage of the online personals category, revealing that European Internet users are even more engaged in online dating than Americans.  According to the analysis, 18 percent of European Internet users ( 38,2 million) visit online personals sites each month.