3 easy tips to stop procrastinating NOW!

3 easy tips to stop procrastinating NOW!


I know it’s a paradox : I have been wanting to write this article about procrastination for a while. So far, I always found a way to put it off. I always found an excuse between two trips to Amsterdam and Paris and always managed to postpone it.

Not later than 15 minutes ago I was considering cleaning up my desk before getting started. Luckily, I did not.


Procrastination is your only real problem


This tendency to procrastinate is a common trait among modern men and women. It is also a major obstacle on the road to success. 

Whatever your goal is, your capacity to overcome procrastination will make all the difference between winning and losing, between failure and success.

Today is Jan. 1st. You are probably exeperiencing a hangover and you are full of the best intentions. It’s a good start (I mean the good intentions) but not enough to make a long-lasting difference. You will have to treat the cause if you want to address the symptoms.


Treat the cause Not the symptoms  


It is indeed often a lack of self-confidence that paralyses us. We end up sweeping our problems under the rug hoping to make the go away. Meanwhile, you feel terrible every time you postpone the initial step that will set you on the way to success. 

If you’re single and your lack of success with seduction is hurting you, you know damn well you ought to be doing something about it: get dressed, go out and flirt.

If you choose not do it though, you will resort to rationalizations and excuses in order to remain coherent.


The Three Bullshit Rationnalizations that are holding you back


There are three main types of excuses in this case :

1/ Lack of personal talent : eg. “I cannot do it”

2/ Lack of renewable resources : eg. « I don’t have enough money. »

3/ Lack on non-renewable resource : eg. « I dont have the time »


Eventually, you decide that it is “just not the right moment”.


The problem with this pattern of thinking is that you end up sabotaging every chance you have to improve your quality of living. 


Come on, you know it:      


There’s no such thing as the perfect time.


Are we going to wait for stars to align? Certainly not.

The ideal moment you had been waiting for is right here, right now.

How to tackle these Rationalizations and get things started


1/ “I cannot do it”


Everything can be learnt. You start improving and developping your skills the moment you start learning.

In my initial coaching sessions, a key moment is when I lead my coachee to reformulate this « I cannot do it. » into « I want to improve/learn this and that. » 

We then enter a new paradigm of development and progression instead of a harsh judgement with no way out.  You are probably the most severe judge of yourself.  Oftentimes, you believe anyone could do it except for yourself as if you were some sort of doomed exception. 

That is your inner-saboteur talking and calling the shots. 

Treat yourself with more compassion, patience and understanding. 

2/ “I don’t have money”


When I was a student living on a shoe-string, some of the best parties were low-budget ones.

The mere fact of going out with an almost empty wallet invariably awoke a sort of survival instinct that led us to be creative and rebellious to overcome the financial handicap. As a result, we always had a blast one way or another. 

I remember one of these nights a few years ago at the Amsterdam Dance Event. My only possession was a fluorescent armband acquired three days beforehand which gave me access to every club in town for the duration of the event. My best friend was too hangover to go out and I didn’t have a penny. I decided to go out nonetheless. I wanted to turn a crappy situation into a memorable night out, and I did. 

I was wearing a Mickey Mouse t-Shirt amidst a crowd of posh Armani-clad revelers. To be honest, I didn’t feel so confident at this point. Then I did something that changed the course of the night.

I asked for a glass of water to the gorgeous bartender. She politely enquired which kind of mineral water: still or flat. My options were severely limited by my lack of funds and I informed her that a glass of tap water would do the trick. 


- Sorry, I’m not allowed to serve tap water.


- I know! That’s why you’re going to serve it to me in a cocktail glass, with loads of ice cubes, a straw and some lime.


She smiled at me and served me an impressive glass of water. Three days later we were downing gin and kissing like there was no tomorrow. On the same night I also met two gorgeous girls I had beautiful love stories with.     

This story illustrates one key-principle to keep in mind at all times: 


Your main resource is resourcefulness.


Be creative. For instance, if you’re starting a business and you don't have the financial resources to afford the services of a professional, see what you can do in return to repay the favour. You’ll be surprised how far good networking goes. You’re only one or two degrees of separation away from the people that can help you out. The same applies for the matters of the heart and the shlong: meet people, create opportunities.

3/ « I don’t have time »


Time is the only non-renewable resource. Its allocation should be a main concern of yours. 

You won’t be able to juggle 50 things at once. Select the ones that are most relevant to you well-being. 

Honestly, there are very few things more important than finding love and sex in a lifetime, whatever your gender, culture or sexual orientation. So make it a priority and work on it.

By that I mean : NOW. Not when the stars align in some hypothetic distant future. 

John Assaraf put is well in just one acronym:

GOYA : Get Off Your Ass !


Make a decision today. Not tomorrow. 


I would like to thank you and congratulate you for having read this article so far.

Your attention to this topic indicate a longing for change and personal development. If my words resonate with you to some extent, you find yourself confronted with a binary choice :


1) You save this article in your favorites and come back to it, if ever, in six months or more. You send me an email regretting you wasted all that precious non-renewable time.

2) You decide now and for all that you want to make a quantum leap into the adventure of a better, more vibrant sex and love life. Make a reservation for a bootcamp or individual workshop and kick it into higher gear.

If you live away from Amsterdam or Paris, drop me a line and see how we can work it out. One way or another, I’m only one plane ticket away from where you are now.


Success starts now!


And finally I can tell you one thing for sure now that I finally wrote my article about procrastination: you feel awesome every time you roll up your sleeves and get things done.


So here’s to celebrating the present moment: Have an amazing 2012. 


Make it memorable.


Jean-Baptiste Trannoy




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